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Our Mission

SPS has the mission to provide the maximum level of security and protection possible to our diverse clientele. We follow all regulations and develop a strict, full-fledged safety protocol according to each client’s needs. We hire only seasoned and highly qualified professionals to represent our team, bearing the utmost professionalism, proficiency, integrity, and commitment at all times.

Socal Private Security is your reliable partner when it comes to securing and protecting yourself, your assets, your establishments, your employees, and your clients. SPS provides formidable private security services in Corona, California, to ensure the safety and privacy of people and places.

SPS is composed of valiant and highly trained professionals who devote their lives to protecting you, your assets, your establishments, your employees, and your clients from any man-made risks and criminal activities. We are certified, licensed, bonded, screened, and insured to meet your security needs. Rest assured that we maintain and follow all standards and regulations established by the state and the California Department of Justice.

Man in black suit with black car behind

As we render full-fledged security and protection services, we make sure that our security team is managed by skilled professionals. Hence, we have supervisory personnel in charge of ensuring the strict adherence and implementation of SPS general orders and your respective rules, regulations, and ordinances.

The SPS supervisory personnel are on active duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, maintaining and overseeing the quality of service delivery and stringency of standards. We create close, lasting relationships with our field personnel, on and off duty, for better service delivery and guarantee the best quality of service, along with the usage of technology and modern media for up-to-date development reports and accurate information and services.

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